Our team have been working in Affiliate Marketing for over 7 years already and all this time we had to jump from one tracker to another as no one met our demands: some were slow, some complicated, other suffered from lack of functionality. At some point we understood that the phrase "If you want a thing done well, do it yourself" actually makes a lot of sense, so we created the perfect tracker for our needs which deals with all the problems we used to avoid. 

A quick overview:

  • Trackerry is powered by advanced data compressing technologies, which makes it 300x times faster than MySQL-powered competitors
  • You will have your own tracking solution. It means, that you can choose colors, logo, information you want to show to your team members or clients
  • Multi-action postback URL. Incredibly useful to measure retention rate or track deposits to leads, actions to installs and performance in general
  • Encrypted variables. Finally! Pass encoded IDs to your clients so that no one could bypass you using your site IDs from traffic sources
  • Innovative interface. Any interface and quick stats can be reached from any section of the tracker in 1-2 clicks
  • Real-time drill-down stats! Navigate to any stats (Advertisers, Traffic Sources, Landers, Campaigns, Offers), select drill-down data and simply collapse data into multi-level report in real time
  • Set ANY number of GEOs with payouts at your campaigns and offers. Use just 1 tracking URL for multiGEO campaigns
  • Forget about banned Landing page URLs - upload your Landers to our hosting and deliver content with dynamic self-switching domains
  • Set up automatic payouts with Advertisers via offerlink tokens and with Traffic Sources via postbacks. Pick your margin, lay back and relax- Trackerry will do the math for you

Feel free to find the full list of our perks in the "Features" topic.