To run a campaign, you need a Traffic sources provide you with visitors. You need to set up and configure the traffic source in Trackerry, to be able to set up a campaign. 

1. Go to Traffic sources. The Traffic sources view and Stats will be displayed.

2. Click the  button. The New traffic source pop-up window will show up.

3. Provide a unique name in the Traffic source name field.
Useful tip: You need to note that not all traffic sources support all methods of conversion tracking. Certain traffic sources support third party conversion tracking either via a S2S postback URL (URL / Img / JS). We recommend to check your source’s documentation to check which conversion tracking methods are supported.

While entering the Traffic source postback URL,  you can use either the S2S postback URL in the traffic source setup.

4. Set traffic source default cost model. (optional)

  • CPA - fixed per each conversions (different payout per geo possible)
  • CPA auto - you can chose which amount of offers payout you will pass as payout to your traffic source.

  • (f.e. 80% - if the value of offer is 1$, you will pass 0.8$ as conversion value to your traffic source) 
  • Fixed cpc rate (For example 0.001, for 1$ CPM per 1000 clicks)

5. Set Parameters and Placeholders for your traffic source. Below is an example, of how it could be set:

The url in the campaign for this traffic source, will have the following structure: of trafficsource)&(Parameter2)=(Placeholder of trafficsource2)

Here is an example how such url could look like:{clickid}&var1={siteid}