Trackerry interface allows you to create all necessary components (offers, traffic sources, etc.) from the Campaign section, so you don't have to prepare anything beforehand.

  1. Click on Create Campaign button 
  2. Choose the name for your campaign. Please note, that Trackerry will automatically add the Traffic Source name in front of the Campaign name, so you won't have to type it by yourself. 
  3. Choose the Traffic Source from the list or click on the  button to create the new Traffic source inside your current interface. Learn more at the following article.
  4. Choose the cost model for your campaign: 

  • Inherit for the default payment method in the chosen Traffic source. Works best with Publishers, which are payed fixed CPA or CPC. 

For example if they ALWAYS bill 0.0001$ CPC, set this payout at the Traffic source settings and enable "Inherit" in their campaigns.

  • CPA is a basic payment method in all trackers. Set your fixed Cost per Action for this campaign. Also note that Trackerry allows multiple CPAs in the same campaign for different GEOs for your convenience. 
  • CPA Auto a.k.a. Shared CPA is a very useful tool if your Traffic source can receive dynamic payouts. 

For example, you are launching the campaign with 1$ offer and want to rebroker it with your 20% margin: put 80 value to the Percent field so that Trackerry could pass 0.8$ to the Traffic source via postback URL and 0.2$ to your profit.

  • CPC for cost per action. Set your CPC value, currency and your estimated discrepancy percent. Discrepancy is inevitable in all tracking solutions because of the minor click loss, so by default we put 10% to the campaign settings in order to bring your numbers closer to the original Traffic source clicks.

  • Click on Path1 line 

Path1 is your default traffic flow. Here you can choose your Offers, Landers, Special rules and weights. 

Tips & Tricks: By pressing the button you can create a new offer directly during creating a campaign.

  • Rename Path1 to something recognizable, for example, Offer name.
  • Select your offer from the offer list. If you didn't create any offers, click on the button and set up the offer for the current campaign. Learn more at the offers section.
  • Click on the Create campaign button to save your settings and generate the tracking link.