Campaigns, Traffic sources, Offers, Landers, Advertiser - is most powerful tools to analyze your traffic. They will tell you everything about traffic!

To make it easier for you and not to study separately the manual for each section, we combined manuals on the statistics of the Campaigns, Traffic sources, Offers, Landers, Advisers.

The main differences are in the title of the section where you go.

  • Advertisers - can be quickly collapsed by its offers/campaigns
  • Offers - shows all stats by offers
  • Campaigns - can be collapsed by specific variables (geo, offer, var1, traffic sources etc).
  • Traffic sources - you can see statistics on traffic sources.
  • Landers - statistics for specific landings.

Example table with all columns:

In campaigns, you can see statistics on many parameters.

  • Sorted by: 

Traffic source, Browser, IP, OS, Device Type, Advertiser, Offer, Country, Language, Proxy, View number, OS version, Browser version, Connection type, ISP, Conversion type, Referrer, Device model, Device brand, Region, City, Device ID, Var 1 - Var 10, Date, Hour

  • By Condition

Click to Active button:

  • By Date

  • Find: Filter by keywords\letters

  • Columns

If you click on button, and click line, this icon will become, and you see this column. 

Columns to be shown: 

  • Specific Columns: 

ID, Name, Impressions, LP clicks, LP CTR, Conversions, CVR, Revenue, Costs, Profit, ROI, CPM, RPA, RPC, CLPC, RLPC.

Click "" button (ID column in table)

And unfolds this lines*:

*for example open by OS

And you can:

Filter by clickbutton

Sort by click button

Detailed stats

  • Hover the cursor on the line with the campaign 

  • Click  and the Detailed stats pop-up window will open.


  • Choose date:

Today, Yesterday, 2 days, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, This month, Last month, This year, Custom range

  • Detailed stats can sorted by:

Day, Hour, Country, Campaign, Offer, Traffic source, Advertiser, Lander, Landing page, Advertiser, ISP, Connection type, City, Region, Browser, Browser version, OS, OS version, Device type, Device brand, Device model, Device ID, Referrer, View number, Proxy, Language, Conversion type, Var1, Var2, Var3, Var4, Var5, Var6, Var7, Var8, Var9, Var10

You can also put the second filter. Parameters from the list above. To activate this function - click on input section:

In example you can see 4 filters: hour->country->device type->browser

You can edit visible columns:

ID, Name, Imps, LP clicks, LP CTR, LP CR, Conv, CVR, Rev, Costs, Profit, ROI, CPM, RPA, RPC, CLPC, RLPC

Export data

Click  button and save report.csv file.


Hover the cursor on the line with name and click on