To set up a Landing Page in Trackerry, we need to do the following:

1. Select domains (
how to add custom domains?)

2. Upload static files (.css / .js / .jpg / .png / .mp3 / .ogg / .mp4)

3. Insert the landing page code into the editor

4. Make sure that all static files paths are replaced correctly

Now let's do this step by step.

First, go to the "Landers" section and click  button.

And so, we see the window "New lander"

1. Enter the name in "Lander name"

2. "Lander type" is set to "Fabric"

3. Select "Delivery domain" (the actual domain which is displayed with your lander)

4. Select "Static domain" (the domain where static files will be stored)

5. Upload the files of the landing one at a time. Typically the following file types : scripts, style files, images and audio.

For uploading:

- Click "Select file" button and select the file

- Get a URL with a dynamic domain starting with http://{static_domain}/

- Use the generated link in the Landing Code

6. Put {outurl} instead of the offer link (click-to-action). In order to save the lander, you will need at least one {outurl} in the code.

The 2-level nesting will not work. Don't put http://{static_domain} type paths into uploaded static files.

Put all of your scripts and styles inside the lander code using <script> or <style> tags.
If this is not possible, use third-party hosting (for example Amazon S3) for uploading such files files.