Track or Treat? Why not both!

Today we announce Trackerry 2.0 with variety of new features and improvements.


Rebuilt from scratch to display the most relevant data and extremely easy to navigate.

Observe your overall performance, see your key audiences, best and worst converting campaigns.


Our new engine allows you to collapse data into infinite segments! 

On top of that, you can edit, switch to detailed stats, filter and sort any of your collapsed entities

All columns are now re-sizable and can be re-organized with Drag-and-Drop method:

You can select and copy cells with the excel-tables method (multi-select with ctrl and simple selections with the mouse):


Now available: 

Proxy. Set to "is not" to filter out Proxy and VPN traffic

Referrer. Set to "is" to receive traffic which is passing referrer values (leaving value empty)

or paste the value in case you want to filter clicks with a specific referrer (use carefully!)

Var 1-9. Paste specific Var values which you want to filter and press Enter for each ID to be stored.


Now available for each separate stats menus.


Upload your custom logo or avatar

Choose the right color pallet

Here you go: you now have a fully customized Halloween account!


Now available: 

SSL certificates counter

Editable "Wait activation" domains

All columns are sortable and can be filtered


Sometimes traffic sources send incentive or fraud traffic, especially on CPA basis. In such cases you can lower the risk of being cheated by decreasing the conversion passing rate.

For example, you are aware of 15% fraud rate from the specific Network - set 85% value in the Conversion passing field. Now this Network will receive 85 out of 100 conversions and the remaining 15 will not trigger the Postback and will be counted by Trackerry as a 0$ conversion cost.


Analyze clicks and conversions in real time with Advanced grouping types.

Select all the necessary data columns from the options menu and load any complex reports for your campaign optimizations.

We hope you enjoy the new interface and features. 

Stay tuned for more updates and feel free to share your thoughts!

-Trackerry Team