If you want to track conversions using a redirect method of tracking with an postback URL, then it is necessary to pass a click ID value to an affiliate network.

Trackerry generates a unique click ID value for each processed click. This unique click ID should be passed to the Advertiser with a {clickid} token inside their Offer URL and then, the Advertiser stores and passes this click ID back to Trackerry after the conversion is recorded on their end. 

How does it work?

In order to track conversions and make the postback URL working, you need to:

1) Pass Trackerry click ID value in an offer URL in a {clickid} token to the Advertiser. To do that, take the {clickid} token and match it with the adequate parameter from the affiliate network from which you have got the offer.

Example: The original offer link looks like this: http://offerlink.com/i/123/?subid1=&subid2=&subid3=  As you can see all subid tokens are missing their values - they don't have anything to be equal to. 

You need to ask your Advertiser or Affiliate network manager which subid represents Click ID. Let's say it is subid2

In such case we need to edit the URL like this: http://offerlink.com/i/123/?subid1=&subid2={clickid}&subid3=

2) Submit postback URL to an affiliate network platform to receive the executed click ID back. 

To do that, click the System Settings button at the top right corner of the Trackerry interface:

Choose the Postbacks tab:

Copy the URL in the "Your Postback URL" section. Your generated URL will look like this:


CLICK_ID must be replaced with the Advertiser/Affiliate Network token, which receives your Click ID value. In most cases Advertiser will replace your postback IDs without your help. If you are setting up tracking by yourself at the Affiliate Network platform, you will see the list of available tokens at the Tracking section.

PAYOUT (optional) can be replaced with the dynamic token which passes your payout directly to the Postback URL, so you will not have to manually set up CPA rates in your Offers

USD (optional) works along with the Payout value and represents the currency of the payout. Can be replaced with EUR, GBP or RUR

Detailed Example:

Passing a click ID to an affiliate network platform in an offer URL 

Offer URL: http://offerlink.com/i/123/?subid2={clickid}

As soon as the URL is clicked, Trackerry generates the unique Click ID replacing {clickid} with 9cba61a0-3453-11e9-b6fa-1b971f5832b6

So the Advertiser sees the offer URL as http://offerlink.com/i/123/?subid2=9cba61a0-3453-11e9-b6fa-1b971f5832b6


Passing a click ID back to Trackerry in a postback URL 

This click ID is then submitted to an Advertiser platform. Then, the postback URL that Trackerry provides is used to send back the recorded click ID from an affiliate network platform and it looks as follows:

http://domain/postback/223/?click_id=#click id value#

If the click from the example generates the conversion, then this postback will be triggered: