We strongly recommend you setting up tracking with a Traffic Source for two reasons:

1) So that you could run CPA based campaigns with your Traffic Source

2) So that your campaigns were running on autopilot with dynamic payouts system

If you are nor sure how S2S tracking works, please learn the basics in the related article.

Once you understand how S2S tracking works between You -> Advertiser, it would be easy to understand the Traffic Source -> You mechanics. 

How does it work?

First of all, you will need to request a postback URL from your Traffic Source. Let's use Propeller Ads as an example:

It should look like this: http://ad.propellerads.com/conversion.php?aid=12345&pid=&tid=1234&visitor_id=${SUBID}

Do not edit any values or numbers besides from ${SUBID}

${SUBID} is their visitor ID (or click ID) - should be replaced with Trackerry token {externalid}

Also you can add &price={payout} at the end of the postback URL if you want to pass your CPA rates automatically (learn more here in the cost model section)

Important: {payout} placeholder may be different in other networks! 

So this is how the final Postback URL looks: http://ad.propellerads.com/conversion.php?aid=12345&pid=&tid=1234&visitor_id={externalid}&price={payout}

Secondly, you should add the Click ID itself to your campaign links. In order to have the correct URL structure, bind Traffic Source tokens, including Click ID directly to the Traffic Source settings page.

Externalid matches with ${SUBID} and your var1 value matches with Propellers' {zoneid}

Once set, create a test campaign to make sure your tracking works fine:

1) Create the campaign with any offer with fixed CPA rate and select Propeller Ads as a Traffic Source

2) As you can see, the generated link already has all essential tokens in it's structure: 

3) Set Cost Model to CPA with 0.1$

4) Send the test Campaign URL to your Traffic Source manager and ask for a test link (a special URL, imitating their real publisher) or generate it in SSP.

5) Click through the generated test link and make a conversion

If it's not possible for you to perform the conversion, navigate to the  menu, select "clicks" from the drop-down upper menu:

Then paste ClickID/ExternalID (if you detected them in your URL), if you don't have these IDs, simply paste your campaign ID to the campaign selector. 

In our case the campaign ID is 3956 ( http://12promo.icu/i/3956?cid=${SUBID}&var1={zoneid} )

Find your click in the list and click on the * button to fire the conversion.

If your Traffic Source doesn't track the conversion, it means that something is not set properly. In such case you will need an Error log:

Errors like these:

Mean that either postback URL is incorrect or some of your tokens are missing or misspelled. You will need to double check all URLs and perform the test again.