This AddOn allows you to put the domain control and replacement on auto-pilot.

Once a domain (Delivery, Lander delivery, Static) gets flagged by Google Safe Browsing or Virus Total - you will receive a notification via email, that a domain got flagged, along with reason for that. 

More than that, Using Domain control pack, you can even let Trackerry replace your Lander delivery or Static domains automatically, immediately after receiving a flag/ban.

To use the auto-replacement feature, you need to add at least two active Lander delivery domains (and/or static domains).

Trackerry will use the first domain in queue (Sort Alphabetically from A to Z). Once a domain gets flagged by GSB or Virus Total, Trackerry will use the next active domain, so that your Campaigns and Landers could work continuously, without any need of your actions. At the same time, you will receive a notification by mail, so that you have the number of your active domains under control, and can add more domains on time.

Note: Once a domain got flagged, it will remain in the Domain list of a Lander, but will not participate in your campaigns, until you delete/replace it. If you replace a banned/flagged domain under Domain management interface, the replaced domain will be also replaced on all landers automatically, there is no need to delete the old, and add the new domain on Landers manually.