The AddOn Domain Pools is an advanced feature, which allows you to make Preventive Replacements of Domains, even before they get banned by GSB. This help to keep your relations with your Traffic sources and avoid unwanted suspension of your account.

If you have this AddOn activated, you will see a "Domain Pools" tab in Domain management interface 

After naming the Pool, you need to set the interval of domain rotation, in minutes. F.e. if you choose 60 minutes, the domains in the Pool will change every hour. 

 You also need to choose between 3 types of rotations for this pool: 

  • Mark domain as "used" after rotation - After being used, this domain will stay in the pool, but will not participate in delivery, until you activate it again.
  • (Re)move domain from pool after rotation - After being used, the domain will be deleted completely from pool, regardless of getting banned or not. Or if use choose pool in "Move to pool" - domain will be moved after rotation. Leave blank this line for remove domain from pool.
  • Leave domain in pool after rotation - After being used, the domain stays in the rotation for every cycle, until it gets flagged. Once it gets flagged, it will stay in the pool but will not participate in the delivery anymore. Note - we recommend to use this type of rotation in most cases, unless you are running very scary creatives and wish to have one time usage of a domain only.

Choose, whether this Pool is for Lander delivery or Static domains. You also need to choose, if this Pool will be using only domains with SSL enabled, or not.


Note: You can choose if it will be a SSL Pool or without SSL - only while creating a pool, you wont be able to change it afterwards. An SSL domain Pool will use only domains with enabled SSL on delivery. If you have a non SSL domain (or a domain which has lost its SSL certificate), this Pool will ignore this domain and will take the next domain in queue.

You can also schedule Day- and Week-parting for whole Domain Pool or for each domain separately. This way you can have everything under control, you can choose, which Domain and/or Pool will be active at specific Day and hour.   - This domain is clean and active

 - This is inactive domain. If you navigate the mouse to this icon, it will show you the reason of error (banned or c-name issue). It will not participate in delivery in any case.

 - this is the currently working domain

 this domain is marked as used. To reset it, press , this domain will be considered as a new domain again, it will participate in the pool rotation.

Note: Once a domain got flagged or gets a c-name problem, it will remain in the Pool list , but will not participate on any traffic, until you delete/replace it. If you replace a banned domain under Domain management interface, the replaced domain will be also replaced on all Pools, it was used at, automatically. There is no need to delete the old, and add the new domain on Pools manually.