Trackerry has the most flexible and advanced offer capping on the market. You can either set up Daily, Monthly or/and Total capps in Conversions, Impressions, LP clicks, Cost or Revenue.

To set up a offer cap, please chose YES on the Capping part of any offer: 

Please choose, whether you want to have  a Daily, Monthly or Total capping, you can also set them all at same time. You can also choose, which Time zone should be used, to calculate the caps:

And last, but not least: you need to choose a Fallback offer.

Note: If the fallback offer has also caps and reach them, traffic will go to its fallback offer, and so forth. 

Trackeryy has a failsafe against endless cycling - if there is no valid fallback offer with caps, traffic will go the Default fallback offer, which is set automatically after you open a account with Trackerry. 

Per default its using Google url, however you can edit this offer (The Advertiser has the same name - Default fallback).