This Add-On allows you to monetize your traffic more efficiently - its basically like free, additional traffic.

A popular choice among scripts to use in an LP is a script redirecting users to an offer when hitting the browser's Back button. Our Reverse Add-On works in a similar way, but it allows you to revert traffic for all of your campaigns, even from those where you just redirect to a direct offer without a Lander. Of course it works if you use a Lander as well. 

Besides that, you can have a precise targeting for your campaigns, you can decide where to direct the revert traffic to any of your specific campaigns in just a few clicks.

Once the Reverse Add-On is activated, it works like this:

1. Choose "yes" at the Reverse section of any campaign 2.Select a campaign where the Reverse traffic should go to. It can be any usual campaign, with as many complicated rules and paths as you want. Please note:

- The reverse campaign will use the delivery domain which is saved as delivery domain for this campaign

- If the initial campaign use https connection, the reverse campaign will use https as well. Same goes for http

- Once you choose "yes" at the "Reverse" section, the redirect type for your initial campaign will be automatically set to "Temp referrer redirect". This Add-On wouldn't work with 302 redirect.

For your convenience, we recommend to create an extra traffic source, which you would only use for Reverse campaigns. Additionally, if you wish to pass a siteID for Reverse traffic, you should hardcode an ID of your choice in the traffic source setting. 

Below is an example of how such traffic source could look like: