Trackerry offers most advanced and flexible multi-level conversion settings. While creating a offer, you can add as many conversion levels as you need, at the same time you can decide for every single stage of conversion  if:

  • payout should be fixed CPA, auto payout, cpc or shouldn't be tracked at all
  • "rebill" conversions should be enabled
  • it should be included in "revenue"
  • this type of conversions should be sent to traffic source
  • it should be included in "cost"

1)To add an additional level of conversion, press

2) Choose the payout type for this conversion type

3) Decide if "rebill" conversions (multiple conversion with same clickID) should be allowed for this conversion type

 !Warning! Some tracking platforms (f.e. Appsflyer) might be sending a single conversion multiple times. If you enable this feature, this could end up with discrepancy

4) Decide if "revenue" of this conversion should be included in stats

5) Decide if conversion from this type should be fired to traffic sources

6)Decide if cost of this conversion type should be included in stats

7)Just the postback of any conversion type and send it to your Advertiser/Affiliate network.

You are done!

You can also follow the stats of each specific conversion type by enabling the columns in any stats

Each columns will show only the conversion from this type.