Trackerry has a build-in integration with MagicСhecker, which makes using of cloaking solution way easier and save your time. Everything you need, is just having an account with MagicChecker (we dont resell their solution ourselves or asking for any margin from our side) and putting the MagicChecker campaign ID in your Trackerry campaign.

1. The first step would be, to create a MagicСhecker campaign. 

You just need set campaign name and choosing the filters you need. There is no need to use their URL fields for money and safepage (f.e. you can always fill them both with, this setting will be used from your Trackerry campaign.

2. Copy 

3. In your Trackerry campaign, choose Cloaking YES.

4. Put the Magic Checker Campaign ID and save.

5. You are done!

You default path, now will be the "Safepage". Everything, that will not pass the MagicСhecker filters, will go to the default path.

Please note: If you need a 0 redirect Safepage for your traffic source, choose any of your "Fabric" LPs. This LP on default path will open on your campaign domain without redirect. If you choose a direct offer in default path, it will be used as safepage, however, it will open with a redirect.

You can set everything else (Rules, Paths, LPs, Offers etc.) as usually, the only difference is: the user from impression will be able to get to your "money" paths only if he pass MagicChecker filters.

Please note: we don't support the Superfilter, since MagicChecker reqeuires a installation on server with root-access. If you need using their Superfilter, you would need to install it on a server and use the usual flow.