A Multi-Offer LP allows you to use miltiple offer urls within one Lander. 

To create a Multi-offer LP, please:

  1. Create a Landing page, choose Lander type Fabric 
  2. Put a html code, which would include tags {outurl}, {outurl2}, {outurl3}, {outurl4}, {outurl5} etc.
  3.  Turn the switcher Multioffer to Yes
  4. Go to your campaign. Choose
  5. Chose the created LP:
  6. Add the offers, you need for this LP, save settings and refresh the page with F5.
  7. By clicking on you can choose the correct order of offers, accordin to you LP. (The First offer will be used with {outurl}, second with {outurl2}, etc.)
  8. Here is an example of how it could look like: